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Social Responsibilities Policy

Fizlestari Plastic Sdn Bhd is committed to the following:

  1. To ensure that all businesses is conducted lawfully: (1) Strictly no bribery in all commercial dealings; (2) No gift and hospitality policy to ensure fairness in any business dealing; (3) Keeping customers and suppliers information confidentiality; (4) Safe keeping recording of all business dealing and trading

  2. Forced labouring is prohibited and to ensure all employees are working freely with respectful to their human rights.

  3. No discrimination in employment, regardless of race, age, gender and marital status. All employees shall be treated fairly and respectfully.

  4. All terms of employment shall be documented and freely accepted by employees.

  5. Strictly no employees who underage of 18 years old is hired.

  6. Fair and agreed wages for employment.

  7. To ensure working hours of employees are complying to Malaysia Labour Act.

  8. Respect the freedom of employees to form and/or join trade unions.

  9. To ensure a healthy and safe workplace for all employees and to avoid any injury possibility.

  10. Appropriate grievance procedure for all employees to ensure effective communication on their difficulties in work.

  11. Land grabbing is prohibited to protect the communities and land owner’s right: (1) To ensure the use land environment to be protected, strictly no pollutions and deforestation; (2) All business activities shall be legal and shall be transparent regarding any land related issues; (3) Implement Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPRC) to the communities to use the land.

  12. To ensure the environment is protected and do not exposure the risks that brings environmental damages. To follow Malaysia Environmental Law and safe environmental procedures.

Approved by


Jason Ang


10 June 2022

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